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Bruxism is the medical term for when an individual grinds or clenches their teeth either consciously or unconsciously. Located in Arcadia, CA, Dr. Steven Charng offers treatment for bruxism including making a nightguard or botox. To schedule a consultation at UDental for treatment of bruxism, call or use the online booking tool today.

Bruxism Q&A

How Do You Know If You Have Bruxism?

A common symptom of bruxism is when you wake up in the morning and notice that your jaw is sore. The soreness is often the result of unconscious grinding when sleeping. Another sign of long-term teeth grinding is when the surface of your teeth appear flat, as the grinding over years has worn down the enamel cusps of your teeth.

What Type of Treatments Are Available for Bruxism? 

Night guards are normally worn when sleeping to reduce unconscious grinding.

Mouth guards are normally worn during athletic sports to protect against injuries of the mouth, or during the day to prevent a grinding or clenching habit.

Custom made night/mouth guards are better than preformed stock guards or the boil and bite types sold over the counter. This is because custom made ones fit better, and in turn, individuals are more likely to use them and they stay better in the mouth.

When is Botox An Option For Bruxism?

As a last resort, Dr. Charng may recommend using botulinum toxin (Botox) to weaken the masseter muscles and therefore lessening the teeth grinding.  It has to be noted that although these injections can provide significant relief, their effect is not permanent and in most cases, injections have to be repeated every 3-4 months, with possible reduced frequency after the first 3-4 injections.