Digital X-Rays


Steven H. Charng, DDS

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Digital X-rays use a digital sensor that instantly projects the image to the computer. Digital X-rays radiation exposure is about 1/10th the amount in traditional film. If your family is looking for lower radiation exposure in or around Arcadia, CA, you can depend on Dr. Charng at UDental for safe and effective care. If you’d like to discuss your child’s dental needs and learn more about Dr. Charng’s services, call or use the online booking tool today to make an appointment.

Digital X-Rays Q&A

What are the Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays vs. Traditional Films?

Dr. Charng’s office uses Dexis Digital x-rays deliver the best image quality, most consistent images at lower x-ray doses, and patient comfort due to its unique ergonomic shape. Digital x-rays are shown by studies to decrease the amount of exposure by up to 80% compared to traditional film x-rays.They also allow for much clearer, sharper, and detailed images at lower radiation doses. For patients, the image can be enlarged on the computer monitor to focus on certain areas without losing image quality.

What Else Can Reduce Radiation Exposure?

Dr. Charng’s office goes beyond just digital x-rays by using long cone collimators to lower scattering of rays and further reducing radiation exposure.